About Us

Adam Publishers & Distributors is all about Islamic authorship that helps you delve deeper into the subject, widen your scope of understanding and foster a better you.

Our operations began in 1984 with the intent of presenting researched & well written Islamic content that isn’t victim to sectarianism – today we have grown to the point whereby we publish in more than 15 categories and have around 700 odd titles along with a pan India coverage and exports to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. People interested in our subject areas find our publications to be a treasure and its their satisfaction which keeps us motivated

Our key subject areas ranges from Qur’an to Hadith, from Prophets to Companions, from History to Science,
from family to self-helps and from Law to Economics. For the past 30 years or so, it has been our pleasure to collaborate with authors, publish works that revolve around Islamic themes and help others grow strong in faith, spirituality and knowledge.

At present we are expanding into other media as well and if deeper meanings of Qur’an, Hadith backgrounds, Arabic studies, alternate finance plus promoting peace bliss & solace completes your sense of goals. We assure that careers @ Adampbs are going to be interesting

It is not the knowledge that should come to you it is you who should come to the knowledge


Although our publications are available on the website but if at all you are near New Delhi, you can drop in at our store, browse the collection and have a good conversation around ilm (knowledge) as well.


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